One More Red Nightmare

HONORABLE MENTION Script Savvy Screenwriting Competition

Suspense Thriller

Our protagonist is NYPD Detective Rick Bradley, who fourteen years prior, failed to solve a horrific series of murders. As a result he has lost everything that was important to him and succumbed to both the apathy of the city’s crime-filled streets and the noise in his head–which is louder than any Midtown traffic jam.

But when a woman is killed in the same fashion as the previous victims, Rick is certain it’s the same killer at work. He pushes to re-open the case, against the wishes of his higher-ups.

Concurrently, an unstable young woman, Gina, is plagued by terrifying nightmares in which she thinks she is seeing the next woman to be killed. As the crimes continue, Gina’s visions become more and more clear and she becomes extremely distraught. Her unpredictable behavior and a violent outburst call attention to herself as a possible suspect. But the answer to the entire case is right there, hidden within her visions. Rick senses it but his partner begins to doubt his judgment. He’s too wrapped up in the case. He’s made it personal again.

Will Rick succeed this time? His professional accountability and his personal integrity rest entirely on this case being solved and he will stop at nothing.

In a most unusual and surprising conclusion, Rick and Gina, two completely different people from completely different worlds, try to solve this crime together. And in the process, help each other to regain meaningful lives.