Some Enchanted Evening

Romantic Comedy/Satire

The war is over, the mood is carefree and Big Band music is in full swing. Grace, our protagonist, is an unassuming housewife– unhappy in her marriage, she dutifully fulfills her role as wife and mother. Her exquisite beauty is wasted on her husband George, a bumbling brute with a fairly low I.Q. who wouldn’t know beauty from a loaf of bread.

Idealistic Charlie is a door-to-door salesman for a company that sells new concept products not yet on the market. He’s engaged to the ever-whining JoAnn and can never quite do what JoAnn wants – especially when it comes to setting a date!

Charlie knocks on Grace’s door and one meeting is all it takes for Charlie and Grace to fall head over heels. In Charlie’s valise of new products is a charming music box. Oddly, he s never seen it. He opens the lid and Some Enchanted Evening fills the room with its melancholy notes. Charlie insists Grace have the music box. She accepts it tentatively and throughout the story it keeps her connected to her dreams and gives her strength to once again become the woman she lost before she fell under the shadow of her husband.

Charlie finally succumbs to JoAnn’s wishes, a wedding date is set and from here the engaging plot twists and turns rev up to full throttle in a fast-paced conclusion. Will the boy get the girl? How? She’s married. He’s getting married soon! Well, it’s a love story after all. And these kinds of things just have a way of working out… especially in old movies…